EduBlogs Challenges

Hello, and Welcome to the part of this Blog I have dedicated just towards the Edublogs Student Challenge. It has been a great expeirience to be a part of, and I hope you have enjoyed reading my post/challenge ideas too.

This was my first year in the Challenge, and I will definetely sign up for next years EduBlogs Student Challenge.

Here are the links to each of the EduBlog Challenge Ideas.

Challenge 1 - Choosing a theme. (Edublogs Challenge 1)

Challenge 2 - Should you upload photo's of yourself to your blog? (Edublogs Challenge 2)

Challenge 3 - The area in wich I live in. (EduBlogs Challenge 3)

Challenge 4 - My top three Edublog Challenge Blogs. (Edublogs Challenge 4)

Challenge 5 - Zoom Post. (EduBlogs Challenge 5)

Challenge 6 was to create a Poll. Doing so, I added it too my sidebar, and is/was only there for the month of November. (EduBlogs Challenge 6)

Challenge 7 - My digital Foorprint. (EduBlogs Challenge 7)

Challenge 8 - 2010 EduBlogger Awards Nominations (Edublogs Challenge 8)

Challenge 9 was  to start thinking about my blogging journey so far. This will be put in a post for Challenge 10. (EduBlogs Challenge 9)

Challenge 10 - Blog Audit. (EduBlogs Challenge 10)


Hello again.
I was offered the experience of participating in the EduBlogs Student Blogging challenge last year, and thought I would be stupid not to pass up an opportunity as to participate again this year. So if you haven't already checked out my posts from the last challenge, then please do so but clicking here, but I hope you enjoy this Challenge as much as I am.

Here are the links to each of the EduBlog Challenge Ideas

Challenge 2 was to create a Avatar for my blog. I created the writing Alien found in the top left hand corner. (EduBlogs Challenge 2)

Challenge 3 - Global Audience: Earth Hour (EduBlogs Challenge 3)

Challenge 4 was to create a poll about where you would visit if you came to my country (Australia.) I put it up on my sidebar for about a month before it disappeared. (EduBlogs Challenge 4)

Challenge 7 - The Environment (EduBlogs Challenge 7)

Challenge 8 was to add links back to the original challenge post on all the previous challenge posts. (EdBlogs Challenge 8)


I am doing the challenge...AGAIN! I have learnt so much from it over the last year (wow, it's been a a year already?) and thought 'what harm would it be to do it again?'

I must admit, I was a bit slack this time round. Sorry!

Here are the links:

Challenge 1 - Why did you start the Challenge? (EduBlogs Challenge 1)

Challenge 2 - Australia Quiz (EduBlogs Challenge 2)

Challenge 3 was to play a game called Digizen which was all about Digital Citenzenship. (EduBlogs Challenge 3)

Challenge 4 - Write your own story! (EduBlogs Challenge 4)

Challenge 5 - Zoom Post 3 (EduBlogs Challenge 5)

Challenge 6 was to visit and learn about blogs from people who live in a different country other than mine. (Edublogs Challenge 6)

Challenge 7 I looked at this website called PopStudio all about being creative with music. It just so happened that I was analysing song lyrics that very same week at school. (EduBlogs Challenge 7)

Challenge 8 - Trick or Treat: A Halloween Tale (EduBlogs Challenge 8)