Friday, October 28, 2011

Trick or Treat: A Halloween Tale

The sounds of children filled the air as Luke and Mary-Anne skipped out of their house dressed in their scariest costumes and carrying their pumpkin shaped bags ready to be filled with sweets and candy.

The streets were filled with children running from house to house yelling "Trick or Treat!' and demanding sweets. They waved goodbye to their mother, and set off down the street.

Their first 'victim' greeted them with a smile and gave them enough candy to last a week. The children thanked the neighbour - who was busy satisfying other customers - but were not satisfied with the amount of candy she had given them. They ran to the next house.

A young man answered the door and politely gave the two children a large paper bag filled with sweets each. The children were overwhelmed with his generosity and thanked him very much. They then noticed that most of the other children walking around also has been given a large paper bag from the man.

"Well, where should we go now?" asked Luke.
"Do you seriously think we don't have enough candy," argued Mary-Anne. She had always been the more responsible child.
"But we have only been to two houses! Why stop now?"
"Because if we eat anymore candy then this then we will get holes in our teeth and mummy and daddy won't be happy, especially because I told you that we already have been given enough."
"You're not getting into the spirit of the holiday! Just one more house, okay?"
"Fine," Mary-Anne said reluctantly.

They approached the next house, but for some reason they were the only ones who did. All the other children skipped that house and continued on to the ones across the road.
However, Luke had no problem approaching the house and dragged his sister along with him.

The house looked rather scary, and it wasn't just because it was Halloween. The tree's were all dead and black, and the house itself didn't look like it was in a good state at all. A single light was on upstairs, so the children knocked on the door and waited for a response.

They heard a shuffling of feet and mumbling coming from inside the house, before an elderly man opened the door. He looked very grumpy and was obviously angry that the children had disturbed him.

"Trick or treat!" The children yelled in unison.
"Oh, halloween," the old man mumbled, "go away, I don't have any candy." He began to slam the door close, but Luke stuck his foot in the doorway.
"Sir, we said Trick or treat, so unless you want us to come back later and tee-pee your house, then I suggest you give us some candy, pronto!" said Luke quite rudely.
"Fine, come in, I'll see what I can give you, you ungrateful kids," said the man. He shuffled into another room mumbling nasty comments about children.

"Luke, you're so rude! He said he didn't have anything so let's go. And anyway, mum said never to go into a stranger's house."
"Mary-Anne, don't be such a goody-two-shoes," Luke said. "I don't know if you've noticed, but it's halloween! I want candy, so come on!"
He grabbed hold of Mary-Anne's wrist and pulled her into the old man's house, slamming the door shut behind him.

They looked around and saw that the house was in an even worse a state then they thought. Mould and cobwebs covered the walls, and it smelt like rotten fish.

"Here you go," the old man said from behind, shoving two pieces of rotten corn at the kids. "It's candy corn, very nutritious."
"Uh, thank you, sir" said Mary-Anne, "but we really should be going now."
"You're not going anywhere," said the old man. He locked the doors and threw the keys through the window, before slamming the window shut. He grabbed the children's wrists and pulled them into a dark room. The children saw human skeletons resting against the walls and blood was dripping from the ceiling.
"Are we about to die?" screamed Luke.
"I told you we should've just gone home, I told you not to come into this house!"
"Mary-Anne, are you serious, we are about to get killed and you worried about that!"
"We would be safe at home if you had listened to what I said!"
A grey-ish mist poured out from the walls and the old man left the children gasping on the ground, locking them in.
"I'm too young to die!" gasped Luke.
The blood dripping from the roof had settled in a pile. It rose from the ground as if human-like and began to twist into different shapes, getting closer and closer to the children.
It fell upon their legs and grew bigger and bigger, covering the children and disguising their screams.

The old man entered the room. The dripping blood was once again settled on the ground, and againsts his wall rested two new skeleton figures.
The children were never seen again...

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