Thursday, November 18, 2010

A Falling Leaf

One of the most amazing and unique sights is watching a single leaf fall from a crowded tree and land on the ground before you.
You watch that leaf, from the minute it begins to twitch in the tree branch, and as it lets go, and gently glides in the wind, falling to the ground. The peaceness of the leaf, the delicateness and the goriness. But behind all that visual happiness, is a negative side to it. As it helplessly falls, it is like letting go. Letting go to your hopes and dreams, and forgetting what really matters. So hold on to your branch, don't fall. Like a beautiful leaf you are, independent and strong. Gliding gently in the wind, so delicately and peaceful.

NB: I was inspired to write this after seeing a leaf fall graciously to the ground on the way home from school. This taught me two things, one - that as a writer, I should always keep a notebook and pen on me at all times, and two - nature can be so interesting and wondrous.

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  1. Wow, that's incredible, I really felt like I was there! You are amazing bec, your stories truly are aswell.