Friday, February 18, 2011

Shame on me

"Fool me once, shame on you," I say, trying to psych my brother up, "fool me twice, shame on me."
"Well begin to feel shameful," he says, "because you're going down, down to the ground."
"I don't think so," I say, I'm going to win this bet. How about...the loser has to dress up in a chicken suit and walk around town for three whole hours."
"A chicken suit?" he says, "you're on. You better find your feathers because I am not loosing to a girl who is two years younger than me."
"Are you sure about that?" I say. "Let's see, if I remember correctly, I've won at least the last four bets we've had. I wouldn't feel so confident if I were you. Here are the rules: First person to get the the park wins. The short cuts aloud, or cutting across gardens, strictly the path mapped out. If you somehow cheat in anyway, the other person wins. Deal?"
"Deal," he says. We shake hands on it."
"Okay," I say, "on your mark, get set, go!" As I say the last word, Max rushes in front of me and blocks my path before I have even started. "Hey!" I say, "two can play at that game." I run to the side and slightly of onto the grass beside the path before running in front of Max and blocking his path so that I am in the lead. He tries to do the same, but I kick myself and speed up out of sight. I hear Max shriek with pain, and turn around to see him lying on the path almost in tears. I stopped running and walk over to him. I give him my hand to help me up, but by grabbing it, he pulls me down. I land in an awkward position, my leg spread out and me landing right on top of it. I scream with pain, and see Max jumping with joy in the distance. I begin to cry. Max skips back over to me with a nasty look on his face. "Nobody likes a cry-baby sis, but lets face it, I'm better than you." He smirks.
"I'm not crying because you won," I say, "I'm crying because what you did to me really hurt me. I can't move my leg! You're disqualified! You cheated!"
"No I didn't," he says, "I tricked you, there is a difference." I hate to admit it, but he's right. "Anyway looser," he continues, "I've gotta get home and order you a chicken suit. Later sis!"He waves as he walk back home. I don't move, I just watch as he abandons me. I pull the leg of my jeans up to reveal blood pouring down my leg. I need Max. I call out to him, but he is so far away that he doesn't hear. I feel around in my back pocket for my mobile phone, but I must have left it at home. I somehow manage to pull myself up, and start limping back home. I reach the road where I need to cross, but a car stops in front of me. The front window winds down, and mum is sitting there is shock. "Andrea! What are you doing? You brother is  at home, I came looking for you. I was so worried!" Tears continue to pour down my face. "He tricked me, I'm in agonising pain. I need help mum. Get me home." She rushes out of the car and helps me into the back seat.
I walk into my bedroom, after having mum rinse my leg and bandage it up. There, laying on my bed is a yellow chicken suit. Max walks in from behind me. "Found one on the way home. Now get dressed, we don't have all day, three hours is a pretty long time."
So here I am, walking around town in a yellow chicken suit. I've already had many rude comments, and still have two hours left of this. That spells out embarrassment for you. But you better watch out Max, because I'll get you next time, I'll make it even, I'll show you...