Sunday, August 29, 2010

A Day in the Life of...

This is a drawing of mine that I did at my after-school art classes.
The purpose of this exercise was to draw 'A Day in the Life of...' It had to be a three panel drawings all showing different times of a particular day.

Panel 1: A girl goes off on a walk through the park.

Panel 2: The girl sees clouds covering the sun and begins to get worried that it might rain on her.

Panel 3: It starts to rain on her way back home.

I was focusing shading and darkness while I was drawing this.It was a simple idea, and yet I am very proud of this piece of art work.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

‘Unforgettable scenes from History’

(The original review had to be moderated due to privacy issues.)

Wednesday, August 25, was a busy day for the students of E.E.P.S. It was the night of the 2010 school concert, something all of us had been waiting for.

The night started with an introduction from the Percussion Ensemble, leading up to the Preps item of ‘Dinosaurs.’ How adorable it was seeing those faces light up when they ‘danced the dinosaur.’ It was definitely something special.

The Year One item of Pirates was funnier than expected. Having have seen the rehearsal earlier that day, I was definitely surprised when Paul Hogan (the director) came rushing on stage when ‘The Pirate King’ couldn’t untie her sash. “To find the Treasure!” was the aim. The rivalry between the good pirates, bad pirates and natives was more funny than cruel, but still entertaining.

The Year Two’s told the story of Robin Hood. Dancing was their favourite thing in this musical tale although dancing is banned from the town. They needed Robin Hood to save the towns people. It was a great story, but Robin’s stand up comedy appropriately wasn’t the best.

The Year Three’s and Four’s did two items, Romeo and Juliet, and Titanic.

Romeo fell in love again, with Juliet, after realising how many crushes he had actually had…they must have listed like what, 15 different girls? The rivalry between the families of Romeo and Juliet was too much for the two, until Juliet found Romeo had stabbed himself only to know that Juliet was ‘dead.’ It was forbidden love.

Titanic was definitely one of my favourites. A magnificent twist on the true story of the RMS Titanic. The dance at the start was very entertaining, and the expressions on some of the student’s faces were very believable when they heard “Ice ahead!” Great acting!

‘The Way the West was east,’ was the name of the Year Fives act. Jimmy the kid is needed when all the towns Women are in danger. His ‘posy’ was a surprise, when a bunch of Prep students ran on to save the day, until finding out that all Jimmy the Kid was interested in was women.

The Year Sixes told the story of ‘The Trojan War’ with a twist. Not a Giant wooden Horse, but a Giant Wooden Duck was the gift given to the Trojan from the Greeks after having their Queen kidnapped, and their King killed. Having mistaken Greece, for Grease was hilarious, and breaking into song and dance to the songs of Grease, including back flips and cartwheels was hilariously unexpected.

I have the say that the 2010 school concert, ‘Unforgettable scenes from history,’ was probably the best and final school concert I have been a part of. I am proud to say that along with every other student in the E.E.P.S community was proud to be involved in such marvellous event.

Art 'n' Articles is now registed on Edu Blogs.

Art 'n' Articles is now registed on EduBlogs.

I have also registered Art 'n' Articles for the EduBlog Bi-Annual student blogging challange. The aim of the Challange is to have fun and improve your blogging and reflective writing skills. Each week I will be given a challange for 10 weeks.

The challange starts on September 21, and I will recieve more infomation closer to the event. I will keep you informed by commenting any new infomation on this post.

Friday, August 27, 2010

My latest story (sneak peak) - First draft.

Here is a sneak peak at the first draft of my newest story that I am writing.

I am standing in the middle of the field right outside my property, waiting. But I am not exactly sure what I am waiting for. Sometimes I just come here and sit for hours on end. The sun is warm, and there is not a cloud in the sky. The birds are singing loud and clear. The sun shines warm upon my face. It is a perfect day. I look up and smile. I love it here in the country. There is not another home for miles. It’s peaceful, full of tranquillity. I can see my horse, Beanie, in the barn back in our property. It almost looks like she is smiling too. The fresh air is calming as I run back home and over to Beanie. She snorts when I approach her. I grab an apple from the her stash in the back of the barn. She sees it in my hand and snatches it into her mouth before I can blink. I laugh. Nothing can spoil my mood right now. I take Beanie out with me back to the field. I pull myself up onto her and relax. She trots around the field feeling the fresh air. This is nothing but pleasant.

I havn't thought of a title yet but I am working on it.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Dance Academy Book Series

Dance Academy series 1 is a series of books and television programs from the ABC. It follows 6 students attending the National Academy of Dance in Sydney, and tells of their battles as being a first year.

Real Men Don't Dance - Sammy

This book tells the story of Sammy Lieberman, a young Jewish boy that only wants to dance. As he battles with his fathers determination that he should become a doctor, he soon finds out he has more to deal with that he thought. Having weak ankles and having to dance on Pointe with all the girls, as well as battling with falling grades, it is even harder with these new 'feelings' he is experiencing.

Sammy soon learns that maybe he isn't as great of a dancer than he thought.

Will he give up? Will the determination kick in? And will he ever get a chance to prove to his father what he is capable of?

Defiantly a great book.

Through the Looking Glass - Abigail

This book tells the Story of Abigail Armstrong, who has spent most of her life being the best.She is determined to one day become a Prima Donna ballerina. But here at the National Academy of Dance, being the best has its limitations. As she struggles with coping with maybe not being as good as she thought, additional struggles with her emotions are added.

When it feels like the world is turning against her, will she stick to it? Or will she realise that she might have to give someone else the spotlight for a while?

Definitely a book to get your hands on.