Tuesday, September 28, 2010

EduBlogs Challange #2 - Should you upload photos of yourself to your blog?

In this challenge, I was asked to answer the following question:

When do you think it is appropriate for students to use real photos of themselves on their blogs and why?

I think you should always be careful when uploading photos the Internet. I don't think you ever should upload photos of yourself to blogs or online, because they may not be safe. For example, the photo could have been taken outside your house, and could show your street address, so someone could easily come to your street and recognize your house from the photo. And then what would happen? Theft is just one possibility.

If you want to use photo's from the Internet on your blog, you still have to be careful. Most photos on the net are owned, and it is actually illegal to use them, so I recommend using websites like Getty Images Royalty Free. They are free to use and there is plenty to choose from.

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