The Art of Articles

Hello and Welcome, to my blog that is...

So you heard and par-took the opportunity to make a young girl happy by visiting...a website. A website full of stories and post to keep you fascinated for hours on end, frantically reading paragraph by paragraph of my latest story on the edge of your seat, determined to find out what will happen next. Well, two words...thank you.

Why did I decide to create this blog? Well, as a fellow student of any type, I love writing, and from when I was a young girl, I would sit at the computer desk, just typing up a story.

From princesses (who didn't love princesses when you where five years old?) to evil dolls watching you sleep, I knew I would always have a place in my heart, for the art of writing.

I have always had this dream of writing my very own published book. I was telling my mother about my dream a while ago, and she replied with "well why don't you start a blog?" So we worked together, thinking of interesting names and ideas to get people interested in my blog. "It's all about the title," mum said, "it has to catch the reader and drag it in by the gut!" (OK, I admit, she didn't really say that...but basically she did.) So together, we thought of the name Art ‘n’ Articles, and we both agreed that it was the perfect name for my blog. With the creation of my blog, I became addicted to writing poems and stories to put on my blog. Not a surprise really, I mean, I've always been addicted to writing.

So there I was, crayon in my hand and ready to draw (mind the expression). Who knew what amazing words I would soon put together. And as time went by, I grew. I developed my own writing style, and created a portfolio of writing that would soon take me many places. I have gathered a group of readers, who read my blog daily (proven by my stats), and created a database for the one thing I love the most...writing.
I have received awards and acknowledgments from my writing, and I think that is something to be proud of.

But who knew that all this would happen to a little girl in the middle of...well, nowhere? It not something I ever imagined happening. But am I glad it did? Of course! Sure, it is a big responsibility, and sometimes I just don't have time for it, but most people just don't realise what an opportunity having a blog is. I've even inspired a few people to create a blog of their own too.

So bookmark this website, and stop by regularly, because I believe that if you love what your doing, people will love it too. Anything is possible if you follow your heart, and that is what I have done.