Saturday, October 16, 2010

EduBlogs Challenge #4 - My top three EduBlog Challenge Blogs

I have spent the last few days commenting on some very interesting blogs. I have chosen three of my favourite blogs to recommend to you.

Blog #1 :
Indy's Intriguig Idea's

I love the way she uses a lot of describing words. I think she could become a really great writer.

Blog #2 :
Ellie's Blog

This girl writes AMAZING! posts. I am going to make a regular visit to her blog. I LOVE it!

Blog #3 :
Jessie's Blog

This girl understands the concept of blogging very well. I love it. Well done!

It was hard picking three blogs that I really liked out of all the wonderful bloggers participating in the Challenge. But every blog is amazing in their own way.

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