Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Glory of Change

Change. A little word with a big meaning. It's something we all go through in one stage of our life or another. It can be scary, but sometimes it is for the best. We just have to embrace these changes and go with whatever it brings. It isn't a rare thing to find. In fact, change is happening all around you, right before your very eyes. And with a positive outlook, these changes will make this world a better place.

Some of the better examples of change are:

1) Electricity. This was a huge change for everyone living in the 1800's. And without that change, some of the more better changes happening now, wouldn't be happening. Our whole world has changed because of electricity.

2) Mobile Phones and iPods. Who can honestly say that they have never seen someone walking in the shops texting on a mobile phone or playing on the iPods? Some peoples lives (not mine) evolve around their social status, e.g, the mobile phones. I mean, if the invention of these technological beauties had never been invented, then the whole world would be different. And people would know what the expression 'snail mail' actually meant.

3) Facebook/Myspace and Twitter. Can you imagine a world where Facebook, Myspace and Twitter was never created? I mean, when it comes to celebrities, all you here about is something they Tweeted or Posted on Facebook. And if it wasn't to Mark Zuckerburg, and the creation of Facebook, we would never have the movie 'The Social Network' in our cinemas.

I mean, lets face it, change has become a regular thing in every ones lives. The changing of the moon and the sun, day and night, it's all change. We just have to embrace that fact. So don't be afraid, give your life a change!

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