Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Caravan Park

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"Are we there yet?" Riley said, impatiently. "How much longer? I'm hungry. Can we stop for food? Are we there yet?"
"Will you please just be quiet!" His mother snapped from behind the steering wheel. Riley closed his mouth. "What about now?" He said, five seconds later, "Are we there yet?"
"Be quit!" His sister, Janette yelled from the seat opposite him. "We will get there when we get there, duh!" The caravan pulled to a stop. "See?" continued Janette, "we're here!" Riley rolled his eyes. They got out of the caravan and got the picnic lunch out of the back. "So," said Riley, "what now?" Janette elbowed him in the gut.
"We could go for a drive around the place until we find a nice spot to have lunch?" Suggested their dad. Riley grabbed the caravan door handle slumped back into the back seat of the vehicle. "Well hurry up!" he shouted. "I'm kind of hungry!"
"And impatient," added Janette as they all got back into the Caravan.

They drove around until they found  a quit little spot on a hill, right above a gorgeous lake. "What a cute little spot!" Their mother said to herself. They all got back out of the caravan and set up their rug and picnic basket with all their food.
They ate their picnic lunch in peace, listening to the sounds of nature. "Well," said Riley, as he finished his serving of egg salad and sandwiches, "that was nice, do you want me to put some stuff away?"
"Yes please," replied his dad. Riley picked up the picnic basket and walked over to the caravan. He reached out to open the caravan door, when it began to lean to one side, and started tumbling down the hill. Turning, spinning, rolling, landing in the lake below. Riley just stood there, motionless, hand still out as if her was about to open the caravan door. Janette appeared beside him. "You idiot!" she screamed. "You better have an idea on how to fix this, because my mobile phone was in there, and if you don't get it back, I am going to kill you!"
"Janette!" yelled her mum, "it's just a phone! We can get you a Now there is no point standing around here all day, lets grab what we can and go back to the main area. Someone might be able to get us back home."
"You mean, the trip is over?" Riley protested, "but we just got here!"
"And if you haven't noticed yet Riley," said Janette, "our caravan is sunk. We can't really go on a caravan holiday, if we no longer have one!"
"Janette!" yelled their mum and dad in unison, "lets go!"

It seemed like they had been walking for hours, when in fact, it had only been a few minutes, when a car stopped in front of them. "Need a ride?" the guy shouted from the front seat. "I can take you back to reception if you need to." Janette jumped. "Yes!" she squealed, "yes, yes, YES! I am not walking another metre. We have been for three hours!"
"Ten minutes," corrected Riley. The man in the front seat of the car laughed.
"That's very generous of you sir," said their mum,"but I'm not sure."
"Please mum?" begged Janette. Her mum gave into her wishes, and they all got into the kind mans car.

The man drove around for about another ten minutes, when they arrived at the main area. "Thank you," said Janette.Their mother got out of the car first, and walked over to the reception desk. "Excuse me," she said to the man sitting there.
"Hello!" the man said with a grin. "I'm Greg. How may I be of assistance?"
"Well, funny story," explained the mum, "we took the caravan down to the lake, so we could have a nice picnic lunch, and it kind of lost balance and landed in the lake."
"You have no idea how many times that has happened." said Greg.
"Is there anyway we can get back home?" Said the mum.
""Yes, there most defiantly is." said Greg. "We can loan you a hire car, and have someone pick it up when your ready. We will just need a few details."
"Sure," said the mum, "that sounds great." She gave Greg the details he needed, and took the car keys from him. She walked out to join the rest of her family and explain what was happening. Pretty soon, they found the hire car that was theirs.

After driving for a while, they noticed a group of people signalling for them to pull over. They did. The dad, who was driving, rolled down the car window and said "is everything alright?"
"No," said a member of the group. "You see, our caravan lost balance and landed in that lake a few kilometres from here. We're stranded..."

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