Sunday, August 1, 2010

Dance Academy Book Series

Dance Academy series 1 is a series of books and television programs from the ABC. It follows 6 students attending the National Academy of Dance in Sydney, and tells of their battles as being a first year.

Real Men Don't Dance - Sammy

This book tells the story of Sammy Lieberman, a young Jewish boy that only wants to dance. As he battles with his fathers determination that he should become a doctor, he soon finds out he has more to deal with that he thought. Having weak ankles and having to dance on Pointe with all the girls, as well as battling with falling grades, it is even harder with these new 'feelings' he is experiencing.

Sammy soon learns that maybe he isn't as great of a dancer than he thought.

Will he give up? Will the determination kick in? And will he ever get a chance to prove to his father what he is capable of?

Defiantly a great book.

Through the Looking Glass - Abigail

This book tells the Story of Abigail Armstrong, who has spent most of her life being the best.She is determined to one day become a Prima Donna ballerina. But here at the National Academy of Dance, being the best has its limitations. As she struggles with coping with maybe not being as good as she thought, additional struggles with her emotions are added.

When it feels like the world is turning against her, will she stick to it? Or will she realise that she might have to give someone else the spotlight for a while?

Definitely a book to get your hands on.

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