Thursday, September 15, 2011

I'll always remember thee.

Hey guys! I wrote this when I found out that my best friend was moving to China for two years. I had so many emotions going on and I thought it would turn into a great poem (and it did).

Dear friend,
Is this the end?
Or is this just the beginning.

You have to leave,
And although I feel grieved,
I’ll try to seem like I’m grinning.

I’ll try to be strong;
Try to hold on,
And try to be positive too.

I’ll try not to cry,
When it comes to ‘goodbye,’
But that doesn’t mean I won’t miss you.

It’s only been a short while,
But if feels like a mile
Of time that we’ve been friends.

But I’ll put it on hold,
Until I am told
That you’ve come back again.

So I want you to know,
That even though,
You may not be near me,

We’ll always be friends,
Even when our life ends,
And I’ll always remember thee. 

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  1. Hello Rebecca

    My name is Jacinda and I am recently taking part in the blogging challenge, like you.

    I really like your poem, it is really good! You must be a VERY good poem writer if you could write something like this. I enjoy writing poems myself but never have I ever written something as good as yours.

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    Jacinda :)