Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Writers Block

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. I haven't really had anything to post. I did write this the other day though, so at least I have an excuse for not posting in such a long time.

I have the worst sickness someone like me can get. My brain is dead and I've lost all those creative juices I had going on.
I have writer's block.

So I found this website with all these tips for curing writers block.
They say the best cure for writers block is to take a break. Well, I haven't posted anything since May, and my last post was just a video, that a long enough break?

Okay, the next on this website says to play the Word Association game. And they even gave a word to start with! Oh, how considerable. 'Salad' (nice word)! Okay, lets go. Salad, bowl, soup, chicken, egg, lay, rest, sleep, bed, pyjamas, pillow, cushion, couch, television, The Simpson's, Homer, 'D'oh!', donuts, pink icing, strawberries, plant, lettuce, salad. Okay, I don't think that was supposed to happen...and how was that supposed to help anyway?

Next: Eat a snack; get on a sugar high. Huh! I never knew writers were encouraged to get on Sugar Highs, but you don't want to see this girl after she's had to much sugar. (You might as well have given me laughing gas and it would have the same effect!)

Draw a picture. Well, I did. It was of Justin Bieber. And then Kissen' Kate Barlow (homework). And again, that is suppose to help how?

Oh, this next one I like! Find a writing buddy. Anyone up for a bit of idea sharing?

Ask your readers. Well, thank you Darion for that request for a sequel to my story Shame on Me, I've been thinking about it, the only problem is, my writer's block is preventing me from being inspired.

Well, I could go on for ages, but most of these ideas would probably not help, or I've already done them. I guess it's back to bed with a bit of chicken soup for me until I overcome this horrible sickness.


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  2. Cool:D can u draw anything ells?!