Saturday, December 18, 2010

The true meaning of Christmas

Her name was Natalie. She was selfish and cold hearted. She only cared about herself. Every Christmas, she would get many, many presents, but never gave any. She thought Christmas was all about her.

It was Christmas Eve, and Natalie was counting the presents under the tree. "Thirty-two? That's eight less than last year!" She yelled as her mum came running to her side.
"Natalie, you know that St Nicholas still has to come, you will get more still," her mother said.
"Oh yeah," she said, lighting up. "Anyway, I still have more than Fawn. Hey, where is she? I want to rub it in."
"She is dropping some of her old stuff of at the Bushfire appeal. after that terrible fire, those poor people need all the help they can get." Her mother explained.
"Right," Natalie said, loosing interest, "sounds boring. I'm going to count my presents again."

That night, when Natalie was lying in bed, she heard the sounds of whispering. "Fawn, quit it," she yelled, hitting the wall separating her bedroom from her sisters. She layed back in bed, but the whispers continued. She sat up and looked out the window to see a dark shadow hovering about. She got up from her bed and walked over to the window. She opened the window, to tell whatever it was to leave, but before she could even blink, it floated through the window. It stopped in the middle of the room, beckoning Natalie towards it. "Wh-wh-what are you?" Natalie said, shaking. "What are you doing here, y-y-you have to go, right now!"
"Don't be afraid," the dark figure said, "I am the Christmas Angel, I am not here to hurt you. I am here to help you."
"Help me?" Natalie said, still shaking. "I-I-I don't need any help! You just have to go, or-or-or I'll...I'll scream!" She took a deep breath, but couldn't seem to find her voice. She gasped, trying to speak, but nothing came out.
"Don't waste your breath," said the Angel, "I have taken your voice so you will listen. I shall give it back, if you co-operate with me." Natalie nodded, and her cold, whiny voice was once again back.
"I have come to help you, to show you the real meaning of Christmas," said the Angel again. "You have completely forgotten the true meaning of Christmas. Take my hand, and I will show you." The Angel raised her dark hand, and Natalie unwillingly took hold of it.

They felt themselves spinning, shaking through a whirlwind of whispers. But all of a sudden, they stopped, and Natalie was surprised to see herself in the future, as an elderly lady. She watched herself, desperate to know why she was here. She looked around to see a very empty looking room. She looked back to the elderly version of herself and watch her dial her phone. "Fawn? It's me, Natalie...What do you mean...No, I...But, no, please don't go, I..." She looked at the phone in her hand, her sister had hung up. She placed it on the table in front of her, looking upset. "She, but, I have no one," she said, tears rolling down her face. She cried softly to herself, but no one cared enough anymore to comfort her. She was all alone.

Natalie opened her eyes to see herself lying in her bed, back home. She looked at the clock, it was Christmas day. She ran out of bed and out into the living room to see heaps of present under the tree. She saw her parents and Fawn sitting nearby, so she began tearing the wrapping paper off her gifts. She looked at the present in her hands. This is what Fawn had been hoping she would receive. She remembered what had happened last night, and walked over to Fawn, the present in her hands. She handed it to Fawn, smiling. "What?" said Fawn, looking slightly thankful.
"I want you to have this," said Natalie, "I know you have been wanting this for a long time, and even though I do too, I want you to have it instead." Her parents exchanged surprised looks. Fawn took the present from her hands.
"Thank you Natalie," she said. "but why?"
"Because last night, I realised that some day I might need you, but you won't be there for me, and because I am so lucky to have a sister like you." She said.
Fawn smiled, "I think you just learnt the true meaning of Christmas," she said.
Natalie nodded, with a simple "Merry Christmas!"

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