Friday, October 29, 2010

The Toy Doll

I have this doll. I’ve had it for as long as I can remember, but I have never actually liked it. Mum makes me keep it on the shelf beside my bed. It just stares at me with its evil stare. Mum thinks it is cute, but I swear it is out to get me. Now I know what you are thinking, it’s a harmless little doll, filled with stuffing, but it isn’t. It is like one of those really old fashioned dolls. Its … evil.

I sit on my bed writing in my journal. Mum calls my name. “Kelly, can you come set the table for tea?” She says. I close my journal and put it on the end of my bed. I leave the room and close the door. “Yum,” I say as I smell the aroma, “roast chicken, my favourite.” My brother is already sitting at the table with his meal. “Hurry up with the cutlery Kel’s,” he says. “Why don’t you?” I say back at him.

After dinner, I walk back into my room, only to see … the doll. It’s there, sitting on my bed, starring at me. I scream. Mum runs in. “What happened?!” She screams. “The – the – the…” I quiver, “the doll. Its evil I tell you … evil!” Mum gives me a stern look. “Wait,” I continue, “I have a plan. I will need one really thick leather bag and a bandanna.” Mum looks at me strangely and leaves the room. She brings back a dirty old rag and a flour sack. “Thanks,” I say sarcastically. She leaves the room again. I grab the doll and wrap it up in the old rag. I stuff it in the flour sack and tie it up really tightly. I throw it in my closet and shut the door. I brush my teeth, change my clothes, and sit down to watch TV before going to bed.

The next day, after my morning routine, I open to closet door to get the flour sack with the doll in it, but it’s not there! I turn around to see a ripped flour sack and rag on the floor, and the evil little doll standing up on my bed, starring at me. My eyes widen with fear. I dive for the doll, but it seems to slip away from my fingers. I dive again. Success. I hold the doll tightly and run into the laundry, franticly looking for something like the flour sack. I see a pillow case. I grab it and stuff the doll in it. I run out into the garden and grab a spade. I run to the back of the garden. I dig a really deep hole and bury the pillowcase with the doll in it. I fill the hole and run back inside. Phew, no more evil doll … for now …


  1. After Kelly bury's the doll, all you see is this toy dolls hand rise from the ground.
    Dad said I have been watching too much freaky TV. I am not quite sure how I got inspired to write about this though.

  2. Has the evil doll come back yet, Or was her brother playing tricks on her.