Saturday, May 28, 2011

Hurtful words...

I try to be strong and to not be affected,
but those hateful words make me feel rejected.

They make me feel lost,
like I don't know where I belong,
although I've been here at home all along.

Is that how you really feel?
Is that the truth?
Why now do you decide,
to come steal my youth.

You been quiet for so long, 
so kind and so caring,
but now those thin lies,
are just slowly tearing.

Do you find pleasure
in making me feel small?
I know they are just words,
so why can't I stand tall?


  1. Excellent poem. You have created a positive from a negative. Well done.

  2. WOW I like how you made me feel like I was just right there and I know how you felt

  3. Thank you Alice, that is really nice and I am so glad you liked it.

  4. That was deep and I know how you feel, its like the unseen world of the average teenager cheack out a simalar poem I wrote at