Sunday, November 28, 2010

Peace, Love and a Few Simple Words

I used to think that being a writer would be an easy career for me, because I have always been noted that I am ‘gifted’ with words. Writing has always been something that I can relate to, that thing you do, not because you have to, but you want to.

Writing takes you places you can’t imagine, and to be able to have that chance of putting someone in that place that you have created, is a feeling unlike any other. And when you read back through you latest masterpiece, sometimes it is hard to believe that the person who wrote that, is you.

When I am sitting by myself, pen in my hands, or keys at my fingertips, I feel relaxed and free. Writing gives me freedom. I can write whatever I want to, and know that someone in the world will want to read it.

Blogging has connected me with a global audience who not only reads my blog, but they like my blog. And to know that when I put a few simple words together in my head, when put on paper or on a screen, can make someone feel something inside them, is something that I wouldn’t trade for anything.

So thank you readers, young and all, you have proved to me that being a writer, is what I was born to do. To write about what is still the answer I need to find, but when I do, I will know it is thanks to the readers who have read and enjoyed reading this blog. And who knows what will happen next? Maybe one day I will become a world famous author, but who’s to know?

If and when that day comes, I’ll always know that writing is my one and only passion in life, my true love, the role I was born to play.


  1. Hi Rebecca, you have an incredible writing style and I can see why it is your passion. Would you also mind if I included this post in The Edublogger competition with your post on The Caravan Park? They are both excellent posts!

    And thanks for entering The Edublogger competition!

    Sue Waters

  2. Wow you are so good at writing as far as I can tell, you really do have a gift with words. First I read this post and it convinced me that you did have a gift with words you mentioned in that post but I thought it is always a good feeling when people read more than just the post on the top of the page.
    How long have you been blogging? You have so many post (and they're all so good)!
    I'm new to blogging (I have only had my blog for 3 months so only kinda new).
    I really like your blog (in case I haven't already said it I REALLY LIKE YOUR BLOG). So I am going to add you to my blog roll.
    Oh and I am a little bit younger than you I am only 11 years old. So my writing isn't quite as good but I still think it is pretty good (so I was wondering if you could come take a look at my writing because it would be so cool to have some one who can write as good as you do to tell me what they think).
    Talk to you later.