Saturday, November 27, 2010

EduBlogs Challenge #8 - 2010 EduBlogger Awards Nominations

The EduBlogger Awards are coming up, and this week, the challenge was to nominate a blog for some or all of the categories listed. So here are the nominees...
(P.S. Thanks to the EduBlogs Student Challenge, I have found many new blogs that I have found interesting, and some of which I am nominating for the award.)

Best class blog - iCubed. The students who are a part of this blog are truly gifted. (Literally.) And that is why I think this blog is so special. It is basically a group of blogs put together for the gifted class of E.L.

Best librarian / library blog - Yarra Plenty Library Local History Blog. Of course I had to nominate my mum in the category that most described her work blog. But I didn't just nominate her because she is my mum, I nominated her because she is very passionate about Local History and is a fantastic blogger!

Best student blog - Ellie's Blog. I love this blog. As she writes, Ellie is a truly gifted person. Even though this is a school blog, I find it very enjoyable to read. She truly deserves to be in the running for this award.

Best new blog - My freedom of Speech. This blog was created this month and I love it. (I don't mean to brag, but the blogger of this blog actually said that I was the one who inspired her to create it...:D) She is very passionate about writing, and because she loves writing it, I love reading it.

So those are my three nominations. I truly believe that these people deserve to win.

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